Customs Brokerage:

  • Licensed Canadian Customs broker
  • Experienced with NRI paperwork prep and filing for US companies
  • US Customs clearance
  • IT bonds

Canusa Logistics is capable of providing you with Customs brokerage services going into Canada or into the United States. Canusa are licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency to represent Canadian importers and exporters. Canusa Logistics files the pre-arrival and pre-departure information required by both CBSA and Customs and Border Protection for security and admissibility filings into each country.


Canusa Logistics are experienced with the CBSA Non-Resident Importer, or NRI program. American companies can apply to become an NRI company. As an NRI, American companies can afford themselves of benefits afforded to non-resident importer companies that are not available when attempting to make entry as a foreign entity.


We represent companies who are looking to make entry into the United States with Customs clearances presented to Customs and Border Protection (CBP). We prepare the ACE Truck Manifest and PAPS filings so that when our customers’ cargo arrives at the border, it proceeds without delay.


For cargo not clearing at the border but at an inland point of entry in the United States or Canada, Canusa Logistics can prepare the necessary in-bond paperwork to move the goods to their final point of entry.

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