International Freight Forwarding

International Freight Forwarding:

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Reliable contracts with an array of cost effective carriers

Canusa provides international air and ocean freight services, both import and export, for our customers throughout the United States and Canada.


Within Canada, we are capable of collecting, preparing for shipment and tendering air freight and sea freight from major gateways and port operations.


Because security and compliance are key at Canusa Logistics, we understand that all shipments into and out of Canada and the United States must meet the strict requirements of CBSA, CATSA, CBP or TSA.


Canusa Logistics has access to numerous competitive, high-volume ocean carriers and contracts allowing us to work with our import and export clients to determine the appropriate carrier, transit time, routing and price they require. We understand that as the number of available ocean carriers continues to dwindle, the importance in carrier relationships increases, as does our ability to ensure your cargo moves on time and on schedule.

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